Trans Rosary Circle

every Friday night

8pm-10pm CST

on zoom

Open to Trans People, Gender Non-Conforming People, and Those Who Love Us.

This circle came out of a need...

For trans and gender nonconforming people to have a place to reconnect to the practice of prayer. A place where we can tend to the traumas of religious oppression while cultivating vulnerability, growth, spiritual practice, and healing in a community setting.


It is a gathering that happens outside the church - at night, under the street lights, or under the stars. Where we revive and recount the histories of our divinity that were lost to patriarchal violence and colonization. Where we dig into our ancestral traditions in an attempt to unearth what is true.


Through the practice of the rosary prayer, we honor the Holy Mother - a being who goes by many names -The Goddess, The Virgin, Mary, Cybele, “Theotokos” (mother of God), Kali Ma, Sara La Kali, Brigid, Freya, Guadalupe, Tonāntzin, Isis, Earth, Our Lady, and many more. She is the great intercessor between us and spirit, a builder of bridges, and the Mother of all who suffer.