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Jonah Welch is a 28 year-old transgender and non-binary artist making abstract work that merges trans embodiment with traditions of occult magic. Using primarily line work in black and white, they attempt to make non-binary identity archetypal. Jonah's work references mythology, and the history of trans people within spiritual practice. It depicts non-binary embodiment in particular as an expression of a long human lineage. 

Culturally, we have an understanding of the divine feminine and masculine, but what of divine androgyny? It is the paradigm to shift all paradigms, wherein one human is free to expand endlessly.

Jonah's art gestures towards personal empowerment rather than power. It celebrates the sacredness of trans life, and touches on the pain of oppression. Jonah's work upholds anti-assimilation and fearlessness at the edge of life and death as pathways to freedom. 

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