In the sacred trinity, where there exist static, binary poles (ex: divine feminine and divine masculine), there also exists a third point - that of alchemical process, liminality, and transformation. This is the place of the undoing and the unification of all things. This is divine androgyny. This is the non-binary path.

Without the point of alchemy, binary positioning becomes compulsory. Without a liminal place where all that is solid dissipates, there is no growth, no change. A world full of bodies that never die, overcrowded, suffering, and hungry. Without the gift of transformation, that which is static cannot reach its height of glory.

Non-binary people walk a sacred path. In our bodies we bear a limitless potential for change. We distill out what is true. We congeal and ferment and calcify the essences of things. We explore the dark places where no one has been, candles held aloft, to bring back knowledge that benefits not only our human kin, but our relationship with the earth and all its beasts and waters, mountains and plants.

This third point of the trinity is the place of “becoming.” It is a process that never ceases. What are you becoming? A human spirit can expand endlessly. Some of us are becoming machines, androids, electric links. Some of us are becoming plant, becoming animal. Some of us are becoming stars. There is no end to the pursuit of truth. The same material can be heated again and again on the flame, always yielding something new.

“Let it be for you a great and high mystery in the light of nature that a thing can completely lose and forfeit its form and shape, only to arise subsequently out of nothing and become something whose potency and virtue is far nobler than what it was in the beginning.”

(From “Paracelsus, Selected Writings")

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