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Canon T1i / Canon EOS 80D

Updated 7/29/17


Southern United States
Pre-Surgery Shoot - 6/9/17 - Paustian
Strength Shoot - 5/18/17 - Lisa


Ritual Photoshoot I - 5/10/17 - Austin, TX

Understanding of photography as of 6/15/17:

1. photos bend time just like memory does - both are created in an experiencing of time that is so short it seems transitory rather than solidified. memories, unlike photos, are prone to disappearing entirely. making memories material can bend our relationship with time. we can slow it down and even stop it completely through the archival process.

2. a divinatory tool:

by connecting with a subject's spirit, higher selves and guides while you are working with them (much like a tarot reader), and with the backing of mutual intention behind the taking of the photos, the images that you capture can act as symbols of where someone is in their life. in this way photos can bring clarity to our understanding of ourselves.

3. eye candy

4. an ethical practice. it is important to listen to yourself when you feel or know that you should not take a photo. it is important to ask people before taking their photo. it is important to think about how you are and are not exploiting your subjects, or supporting oppressive systems with your work. it is important to have a lot of doubt. it is important to be conscious of representation and consent. 

5. a process of copying

6. a way of celebrating embodied existence